Top 3 Wineries to Explore in Catalonia

Catalonia is located in the northeast of Spain. It is garnished with diverse and fertile soils, as well as a warm climate. This makes a perfect combo for winemaking – for centuries.

Modern Catalonia has over seventy thousand hectares of vineyards and wineries. There are twelve classified denominacion de Origen. The province is rich in a long history of production. It can be dated back to the Phoenicians – the ancient civilization that came to the Iberian peninsular before the Roman came.

Wine Destinations to Tour in Catalonia

With several wineries in Catalonia, it could be very difficult to know where to visit. There are several wine destinations in Catalonia. Below are three of them.

Terra Alta

Just like its name suggests, Terra Alta is the most noteworthy winemaking area in Catalonia. It has elevations up to three thousand feet.

Also, it is the denominación de Origen (D.O.) that is uttermost inland – where schist and llicorella give way for soils that are chalk based.

Here, red grapes are commonly Syrah, Carignan, and Garnacha. There are also modest quantities of Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet, and Morenillo – a grape that is much the same as Pinot Noir, yet it’s almost wiped out and does not exist beyond the district.

These are generally full-bodied red wines with newness enhanced by elevation. Since the area is still emerging, pricing is also alluring.

For instance, an organic winery like Celler Piñol, in the town of Batea makes a few great wines that sell for under $50. Sa Natura is a Carignan-driven mix that flaunts the greatest quality-to-price proportion of any wine here.


A spectacular road trip that consolidates a visit to the unmissable Montserrat mountain and the consecrated nestled in the folds of its barbed pinnacles. It’s railed by a tasty customary lunch and the opportunity to taste a few fantastic territorial wines.

After a guided tour of the stunning mountain (Barcelona’s number 1 road trip), and partaking in a full Catalan feast at a nearby café, the last part of the day takes place in a family-run shop winery. This is where your party will appreciate meandering the grounds and plants before examining three unique natural wines.

At the comprehensive price (food, guide, drink, transport) of €105 per individual, it is an incredible deal! Transport leaves from Plaça Catalunya, the actual focus of Barcelona. Have a great time touring this wine destination.


About 25 years ago, the Priorat, situated around ninety miles southwest of Barcelona in the Tarragona region, was an assortment of decrepit Roman porches. It had experienced hundreds of years of neglect.

However, around 1989, a gathering of pioneering winemakers that included Josep Lluis Pérez, René Barbier, Alvaro Palacios, Carles Pastrana, and Daphne Glorian (all still dynamic in the district) joined to create a solitary great wine from grapes collected close to the town of Gratallops.

As of today, it will be difficult for you to count the wineries and vineyards of the region on your fingers. This is because of the over five thousand acres of vineyards across the rough, uneven region.

Saying that the Priorat has boomed is an understatement. There is more wine coming from one of Spain’s most honoured terroirs than at any time in recent memory.


Among the areas in Spain blessed with unique wineries and vineyards, Catalonia is amazing. Tour different wine destinations in this region. Finally, you can visit to learn more.

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