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Actions of Clean Ocean Project during Fuerte Wave Classic 2011


For the 3 time the Fuerte Wave Classic international windsurfcontest was involved in cleaning a local beach, all riders spent some hours cleaning up the windsurfspot in majanicho. also bins to separte waste a the competion where provided by us and the organisation did extra effort to reduce waste the event such as no plastic bags for picnic for the riders as the move to different spots depending the waves. Again this year one of [...]

The sympathetic predatory of Fuerteventura : The Barbary Squirrels


in Fuerteventura, of course are far from those animals cute, funny and friendly, quite the contrary, have been brought from the nearby African continent. So says one of the many versions there is to it, another says he slipped into a small boat and landed on the island with immigrants, also came in containers with goods on board a cargo ship and were even introduced by a pair of “Germans? o English? there by 1965. [...]

Windsurf PWA Fuerteventura 2010 Best Of

Windsurf PWA Fuerteventura

Windsurf PWA Fuerteventura 2010 Best Of Freestyle

Kitesurf Pro Tour PKRA 2010 – Fuerteventura


Beautiful dual between Hadlow / Langeree in the finale Kitesurf Pro Tour PKRA – Fuerteventura Vidéo Wapala sélectionnée dans Sport PKRA Freestyle Grand Slam + Kite-Loop Competition: Spectacular, very fast manoeuvres and extreme jumps characterize the freestyle discipline amongst the windsurfers. In this freestyle program for windsurfers, the sailors compete against each other man against man in a knockout system. PKRA COURSE RACING GRAND SLAM: In this racing discipline the riders will tackle a course [...]

Biosphere of Fuerteventura hosted in Madrid already received 3 361 people !


The exhibition has received 3,361 Biosphere Fuerteventura visitors in its first ten days of opening to the public in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Madrid. Coinciding with the presence of the exhibition and the project The Path of Cetaceans, the Royal Botanical Gardens is also home tomorrow, Wednesday, a day of conferences dedicated to the 40 years the Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme, which gave rise the World Network of Biosfera.La Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and [...]

Fuerteventura Wave Classic : Day 9


Fuerte Wave Classic 2011 – Day 10 from ROX Production Day 9 had a great swell forecast and most of the big wave addicted participants had a small that another session at the big wave spot of Puertito could happen. In the end it came different. Just Thomas Traversa tried to make it out at Puertito. He entered far upwind in a little bay but crashed his extension on the way out through the massive [...]

Free Condoms in Fuerteventura


Sexual Information Point of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, under the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Consumer Affairs, Housing and Immigration led by Victor Alonso has launched a prevention campaign in Antigua because of the Carnival festivities are held on the Island during this and next month. This campaign includes the distribution of 1,500 breathalyzers, 3,000 condoms for prevention and 3,000 awareness brochures, as well as conducting various activities such as exhibitions, a cinema, a gymkhana [...]

Fuerteventura Wave Classic day 7


The seventh day of the Fuerte Wave Classic welcomed the riders with dark heavy clouds in the early morning. Nobody thought, that any action could happen later that day. But the sun broke through and at 14.00, while the third skippersmeeting of the day, Orlando Lavandera announced that all competitors should drive to Cotillo. Thomas Traversa were already riding the masthigh waves there in very light wind conditions. He already had scored 3 good waverides, [...]

Biosphere of Fuerteventura hosted in Madrid !


Royal Botanic Garden Madrid will host from this Friday until March 27 two projects, the Biosphere Reserve of Fuerteventura and La Senda of Cetaceans to promote the conservation of biodiversity. These projects have been carried out thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between the Cabildo of Fuerteventura and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Ministry of Science and Innovation. As for the exhibition ‘Biosphere Fuerteventura’, this is a show that tries to spread a [...]

Fuerteventura tourism increased by 33% in January 2011


Fuerteventura has led the recovery of tourism activity in archipelago by receiving last January 32,257 foreign tourists 33.22% more than last year. The Minister of Tourism Agueda Montelongo clarified that the increase is not the result of the crisis in Egypt or Tunisia, as in January were not yet producing the diversion of aircraft to Fuerteventura. In this regard he added that in the coming months, the island will have an increase in tourists, “especially [...]

Miss Fuerteventura and Mr Fuerteventura 2010

miss fuerteventura 2010

Big Waves for the Fuerteventura Wave Classic day 5


Change of scenery in this Saturday on the northern island of Fuerteventura for already the 5th day of Fuerteventura Wave Classic. Light winds gave way to a slightly more regular trade winds and the ocean has taken its finery with nice lines over the side. After a quick tour of the spots that work, it was decided to go first on the spot Puertito for an expression session and later on it Entubadera. If the committee of [...]

Add your Surf Spots in Fuerteventura


Check the best spots to surf in Fuerteventura ! let me know about your favorite place as well and i will add it to the Surfing Map of Fuerteventura ! Surf Map of Fuerteventura : Surf Spot of fuerteventura : Corralejo Surf and Windsurf Best time : All time Bottom : Reef Where to go surfing with : Big swell /+7ft Flagbeach Surf + Windsurf + Kitesurf Best time : All time Bottom : Reef [...]

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