Big Waves for the Fuerteventura Wave Classic day 5

Change of scenery in this Saturday on the northern island of Fuerteventura for already the 5th day of Fuerteventura Wave Classic. Light winds gave way to a slightly more regular trade winds and the ocean has taken its finery with nice lines over the side. After a quick tour of the spots that work, it was decided to go first on the spot Puertito for an expression session and later on it Entubadera.

If the committee of the riders decided to go on an unofficial test, it’s for a good reason, conditions are very sturdy to Puertito with a wind just a bit between 10 and 15 knots, while the waves them to point size mast and in the best series!

So that settles the question for some who prefer to remain spectators to the ground, pass the bar becomes a game of Russian roulette for others who have decided to go. Stephen Ward Stephen and Will go there and break the teeth just as Thomas Traversa yet patient who has waited more than 40 minutes a lull.
Only heroes and / or lucky day, the French and the local Yannick Anton Albert Ferroni, it is the party spot nearby Cotillo, offered beautiful waves of up downhill in two sizes mast at times, ending right Ferroni same session with a rig to smithereens!

Later in the afternoon, things did not progress to Puertito, it was decided to go to where conditions Entubadera wiser with waves of around two meters finally allow everyone to express themselves, just pleasure …
On Sunday, the weather forecast remains optimistic, it is this same spot Entubadera should be preferred for the competition begins …

source : Windsurf Journal
Photos : Pierre Bouras Photographie – Eric Bellande


Because a different perspective is always interesting is to Thijs Vancayseele, which we had already proposed very nice pictures of Will Ward recently, we must this time a video on the famous day of Saturday, February 12 during the test of Fuerteventura Wave Classic.

Program, the best moments in the big Saturday Puertito including a Stephane Etienne who will never pass the bar despite the help of the jet ski and interesting images of the last session on the coolest spot where Entubadera waveriders can finally give the best of themselves!

Source: Thijs Vancayseele

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