Windsurf : Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2011 Day 2

After day dedicated to the SUP on the eve Majanicho spot, everyone is committed in last Wednesday from windsurfing to water for the first official day of competition on this Fuerteventura Wave Classic. This is unfortunately not counting on a wind sector facing south / southwest of the caravan which requires riders to travel twice to Majanicho in Mejillones finally stop at La Caleta.

Too true, the conditions allow just some of the water from around 15:30 to enjoy the beautiful waves present with the arrival on the bonus event Björn Dunkerbeck proving that he has nothing lost its style wave riding.

Already very irregular wind finally fell completely in late afternoon and the lucky few enjoying these waves taken by way of heat … If the organizers and competitors of Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2011 have the margin by the February 18, all now carefully watching the weather forecast for this weekend with a swell of interest regime coupled with a trade wind, which should take possession of the premises …

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