The custom stand up paddle One-Che boards “made in Fuerteventura”


Michel Rozenwajn and shaper Sun 7 (and 7th Wave) Pierre Bracar launch a new brand of stand up paddle, the custom one-Che. These unique panels currently exist in three sizes and are from a local development is to Fuerteventura on the spots of the North Shore and that integrate into the manufacture of new recyclable materials.

Rozenwajn Michel, 49, arrived in Fuerteventura there are more than 20 years after seeing a video of Jürgen Hönscheid, a well known German rider in the 80 runner leader of F2 and installed on the North Shore of the island. As one of the first riders SUP Fuerte, Michel naturally mounted a rental center where tourists are not material enough to play in stand-up surfing, windsurfing or kite. Because right next to the SUP Center, officiated the French Pierre Bracar shaper (7 and Sun 7th Wave). The latter is a specialist in shapes of waves, and it does not take long for the two friends introduce this brand new custom One-Che (pronounced “Guanche”, a term that refers to the first inhabitants of the Canaries).

Three plates have been validated: a 8’7 by 29 ¾, a 9’4 (the model that should attract a wide audience) and a 10’4 by 30.5. All also have a specificity in the manufacture vacuum, a process that is fluent Pierre Bracar. “I started in shape 82. I realize windsurfs custom wave on Fuerteventura. Seeing the practice of stand up paddle into the waves grow, I am interested in forms and shapes of these boards, I wanted to know if my knowledge of wave shapes could allow me to work on stand-up. The first model was the 9’4: a composite salon in Paris, my supplier asked me to work with recyclable materials such as cork veneer and linen. These are materials that avant-garde also presents interesting mechanical quality that is a quality of touch on water and sinking in choppy water. On the hull so I opted for PVC and on deck, cork and linen, manufacturing is under vacuum with fiberglass. The second model, the 8’7, I chose a sole PVC deck fiberglass. Finally on the largest, the hull is made of PVC and cork bridge. Cork and linen are easy to work for the plating on the bridge. Cork is 2mm thick intermediate between 3mm PVC and fiberglass usually used in series production. This allows a board to the very light and very strong. For now, The One-Che are truly custom, unique pieces that meet the specifications of the customer. But nothing prevents us from locking plates for the series launch in the future. We think about it. But we will stay with Michael on a vague program, we have no plans to launch a board race that would require a specific development. We focus on the wave. The advantage of the custom is to stick with the latest trends, it helps to advance the forms and developments of boards. ”

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