Walking in Fuerteventura



Discovering Fuerteventura by walk is the perfect alternative to enjoy the island amazing nature. Over 25% of Fuerteventura is a Natural Park.

Waking on Fuerteventura is easy. The island is the flattest of the Canarian Achipel and it’s highest point reach 807 meters (Pico de la Zarza).

From seaside walks to fairly easy mountain climbs and steep rocky ascents, hicking in Fuerteventura suits all levels as long as you carry water and sun protection :)

There is plenty for the walker to discover : Deep blue lagoons hidden mountain streams – Sand Dune national park – Amazing sea shore with waves and surfers – 100% dry desert landscape……

Recommanded Walks in Fuerteventura

Morro Jable to Pico de la Zarza
Hiking : 3,5h (back and forward)

Morro Jable to Grand Valle
Hiking : 3h (back and forward)

Morro Jable to Costa Calma
Hiking : 3h (one way)

Hiking : 2,5h (back and forward)

Corralejo to El Cotillo
Hiking : 4h (one way)

Corralejo to Lajares
Hiking : 3h (back and forward)

Las Dunas
Hiking : 4h (back and forward)

Trekking in fuerteventura with a Guide


Fuertescout was created by the licensed guide Andreas Caliman. The organisation offers walks of fuerteventura guided in a group of maximum 8 people. There is 7 guided tours proposed Fuertescout.

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