Fuerteventura tourism increased by 33% in January 2011


Fuerteventura has led the recovery of tourism activity in archipelago by receiving last January 32,257 foreign tourists 33.22% more than last year.

The Minister of Tourism Agueda Montelongo clarified that the increase is not the result of the crisis in Egypt or Tunisia, as in January were not yet producing the diversion of aircraft to Fuerteventura.

In this regard he added that in the coming months, the island will have an increase in tourists, “especially noteworthy” because the increase already provided as is reflected in the January data, “will need to add the unscheduled arrivals as product of the crisis in Tunisia and Egypt. ”

Fuerteventura received in January 2011 129,372 tourists from international airports. The trend in recent months back to confirm and further increased the market was the United Kingdom, Britain sent 11,999 more than in January last year, representing an increase of 59.72%.

The island received more than 9,434 Germans (+19,16%) to reach a total of 58,669 tourists, while visitors from Italy and Ireland were 2,554 and 2,553 more than the same month last year, representing increases of 145.44% and 192.97% respectively. EFE

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