Fuertemotor, first motor competition in Fuerteventura

The island of Fuerteventura hosted during the month of November and early December the first FuerteMotor Championship Fuerteventura.The sport Club Fuertemotor is the official organiser. The Winners of the edition 2011 are Delia Franquiz and Franquiz Victor onboard of their Seat Leon.

Podium 2011 of the FuerteMotor :
1º Víctor Fránquiz-Carmen D.Fránquiz with a Seat Leon
2º Daniel Guerra-Efrén Méndez with a Toyota Corolla
3º Gustavo Sosa-Rogelio Peñate with a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX

victor franquiz y delia franquiz

Javier Franquiz, the manager of FuerteMotor 2011, has expressed his satisfaction and acknowledging that
“there are still some details to improve but we were satisfied by the support received by institutions, sponsors, partners and fans. It was not easy to undertake this project in such a short time, but we are very optimistic about our program for 2012“


Pablo Suárez – Isabel Hdez – FuerteMotor 2011

Official Website : Fuertemotor Website

1º Víctor Fránquiz-Carmen D.Fránquiz  222  79   90  53 
 (Seat León) 
2º Daniel Guerra-Efrén Méndez   196  68   64  64 
 (Toyota Corolla) 
3º Gustavo Sosa-Rogelio Peñate   180  90   0  90 
 (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX) 
4º Domingo Suárez-Beatriz Brito   166  60   54  52 
 (BMW M3 E36) 
5º Javier Santiago-Antonio Alemán  150  50   50  50 
 (Toyota 1000) 
6º Sergio López-Inmaculada Robayna  147  0   79  68 
 (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII) 
7º Miguel Jiménez-Isabel Carrasco  147  0   68  79 
 (Nissan Pulsar) 
8º  Juan de la Cruz-Javier Lemes   128  32   53  43 
 (Lancia Delta Integrale) 
9º Ayose Cerdeña-Javier López   121  68   43  10 
 (Toyota Starlet 4WD) 
10º Vicente Arencibia-Luis Asensio  104  54   50  0 
 (Volkswagen Golf







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