Scuba Diving

The diving area of fuerteventura are mainly located off the east coast the north of the island. All the defferent Scuba diving spots of fuerteventura offer a large varity of biodiversity in flora & fauna, like :
small hammerhead sharks
angel sharks
bands of barracuda.
large common rays
eagle ray
butterfly ray
black eels
tiger eels
Loggerhead turtle
Laud Turtle

In the north of fuerteventura you can scuba dive in :
Bocaina (to 30mts) off from Corralejo
Bajon del Rio (14mts) off the island of Lobos
El Jablito near Parque Holandes (to 14mts)

In the south of fuerteventura you can scuba dive in :
El Barranco off the Caleta Fustes coast (12mts)
Amphitheater off the Caleta Fustes coast as well (24mts)
Las Salinas (6-40mts)
Nuevo Horizonte (40mts+).
Barranco de la Torre (to 14mts)
Jacomar (to 20mts)

In the south east of fuerteventura you can scuba dive in :
Gran Tarajal (to 14mts)
El Veril (to 40mts)
El Veril Chico (to 35mts)
The harbour wall of Morro Jable (to 14mts)
Reef-Mussel Bank-El Cabezon (from 13-20mts)

Cost for a single dive with full equipment is between €uro35-50 and with own equipment €uro25-35 per diver.

The opportunity for marine photography is very good. Most dives are carried out as one in the morning and one in the afternoon though some double dives are made at some locations.

Courses are provided under Naui-SSI-Padi-Cmas-Acuc-Fedas-and others. There is no best dive centre on the island as you get what’s on offer, but some are notably friendlier than others. German dive operators should not be un-preferred as they speak good English and are well equipped with an honestly friendly manner.

The dive centre in Caleta Fustes (closest to airport) is a favourite with the Brits and being the only one there! Those staying in the north have 2 centres in the same street where your choice can be made.

Those staying in Costa Calma will have several friendly centres most of which are German basically but receive a lot of Brit customers.

The dive centre at the isolated Los Gorriones hotel on the massive windsurf/kite beach is German-English-Spanish and those staying in Jandia have a choice of 4 centres one being the most well known of the island on the main drag of Jandia opposite the lighthouse.

There are to date and to my knowledge only 5 “legal” dive centres that are local government approved with all the paperwork and ballyhoo that is required. This legality was promoted by TUI the German travel company which offers German divers package holidays only to registered & “legal” dive centres.

To summarize the diving is to say that Fuerteventura has to be understood for its ecological make-up that is, its biotic and abiotic ecology. It is a very long island sitting north to south like a leg with a foot. It has many areas that are apt for diving but access is often the problem. It is none-the-less very good for diving and rich in marine life.

scuba diving fuerteventura lobos island :

Sea Turtles in Fuerteventura

Dolphins in Fuerteventura

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