Fuerteventura has changed Russian Red

Following the same partition or an architecture In Helsinki I’m From Barcelona, ​​Russian Red is neither Russian nor communist.

Even if she is spanish, Lourdes Hernandez sings in English. At 25, she released her second album already, “Fuerteventura”, directed along a line of conduct confusing: simplicity. “In life, I think everything should be so simple and natural. As a child she has been influenced by Anglo-Saxon music. Step by step her ear gradually accustomed to these sounds and she started to write songs in English. On a trip to England, she met a musician by accident. They played together, recorded songs and everything posted on the Internet. The magic of MySpace operates, users started to get crazy about the songs and a label contacted her to record her first album. ”

In 2008, was released “I Love Your Glasses”. As highlighted his naive banner, the disc exudes sincerity and wanderings specific written adolescents. “In a way,” Fuerteventura “is the continuation of these books youth. With years more and less errors. I wrote half on the road for tours and the other during periods of off. This approach has created two distinct types of songs: the lightest and darkest. ”

Song : Timing is crucial

Song : Fuerteventura

On the album, these ends are crystallized in the securities Nick Drake and Quentin Tarantino. Between them stretches a range of atmospheres. To black dives are My Love Is Gone or I Hate You I Love You meet EEG bursts as Everyday everynight and even a few flirtations with international pop (The Sun The Trees).

The set is nonetheless consistent and clear view of the mature size of the Iberian Peninsula. “I think I have a sense of music but I’m not obsessed with writing. Some days I write that I regard as auspicious. By cons, as a human being, I need my daily dose of decibels. It is also vital to me than food. When I miss, I feel strange. ”

To baptize his album, Red Russian has borrowed the name of an Atlantic island. On this rock floating between Europe and Africa, she became aware of his inner self and identified the artistic direction to take. A choice of title down complex explanations. All.

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