Ritual dance and processional in Puerto del Rosario 29th of Abril 2011


On April 29 in the C / 1 º de Mayo held a representation of various ritual dances and processions of the Canary Islands in charge of all folk groups of the town coordinated through the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Puerto del Rosario. Mary Carmen de la Cruz, Councillor of Culture in the capital’s City Hall ahead in this respect that “This project, which we have been working long ago, is still [...]

Ikea In Fuerteventura


The retail chain of furniture and home accessories IKEA has asked the Old City of license to open an area of 1,000 square meters. The company has also requested permission to locate a municipal parking area on a plot adjacent to an area of 2,600 square meters in the industrial zone Costa de Antigua, a few kilometers from the island capital. IKEA customers currently takes Fuerteventura from its store located in Lanzarote. To facilitate the [...]

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