Corralejo is ont of the most popular resorts on the island and its transformation from a small, sleepy fishing village to a bustling town hasn’t spoiled it’s tranquillity as it still retains a unique ‘calmness’.

Where to find Corralejo

Description of Corralejo

Corralejo is split into old and new with the old part centered around the harbour. The new promenade borders the north of the town and then meanders past the harbour and the many waterside bars and restaurants that hug the coastline offering great views of Lanzarote and Lobos.

To the south of Corralejo lie the famous dunes (Las Grandes Playas) which are a protected nature reserve. They stretch along the East coast for miles and together with the beaches in Jandia, the fine white sand and crystaline waters make them some of the most beautiful in the Canary islands.

There are many excursions available in Corralejo including windsurfing, tennis, kitesurf, scuba-diving, jet ski-ing, mountain biking, big game fishing, quad and snorkel safaris to name but a few, and just opened, flat green bowling.

The ferry to Lanzarote leaves the port every morning from 8am. There’s a wide range of restaurants to choose. You can even find good old british pie, chips and peas. There are many bars to visit but try the old Canarian tapas bars down by the beach where the local fishermen play cards and argue with each otherfor hours and hours about who caught the biggest fish that morning.

Discover Corralejo

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