Fuerteventura Canary island

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Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary islands but by far the least densely populated and with over 25% of the island given over to Natural Park land it’s the most tranquil and laid back of all the Canary Islands.

Beach of Fuerteventura Topography of Fuerteventura
Administration of Fuerteventura Climate of fuerteventura
symbol of fuerteventura Flag of fuerteventura
Events of fuerteventura
  • Beach of fuerteventura :

The island is famous for its fabulous beaches, perfect water sport conditions and all year round summer climate making it ideal for family or adventure holidays. Here is the main beaches of the island (beach map of fuerteventura) :

For those of us that live her and enjoy the 3000 hours of sunshine the island is much more than just its beaches. From the bustling capital of Puerto del Rosario, to the tourist resort of Caleta de Fuste or one of the many small quaint villages has something to offer everyone.

  • Fuerteventura Beach : Ajuy
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Caleta de Fuste
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Cofete
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Corralejo Dunes
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Corralejo Town
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Costa Calma
  • Fuerteventura Beach : El Cotillo
  • Fuerteventura Beach : El Salmo
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Esquinzoi
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Giniginamar
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Gran Tarajal
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Jandia
  • Fuerteventura Beach : La Lajita
  • Fuerteventura Beach : La Pared
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Las Playitas
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Mal Nombre
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Playa de Garcey
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Puerto de la Cruz
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Sotavento
  • Fuerteventura Beach : Tarajalejo


  • Topography of fuerteventura :

The highest point of this island is called Pico de la Zarza (807 m) on the Jandía Peninsula in the southern part of this island. The most mountainous is the central part of this island – so called Betancuria Massif in the vicinity of the town Betancuria. The highest point of this massif is Pico de la Atalaya (762 m). In the northern part, there is a lot of volcanoes – for example San Rafael (117 m), Bayuyo (269 m), Roja (312 m), Escanfraga (531 m) and many others. There are three large areas called malpaís (badlands) – Malpaís de la Arena in the vicinity of La Oliva and Malpaís Chico and Malpaís Grande. The volcanoes are no longer active.

Liste of Fuerteventura Volcano:

Lobos’s Island volcanic field Massif of Betancuria
Massif of Jandía Mountain de La Arena
Mountain de Tindaya Vulcan of Jacomar
  • Administration of fuerteventura :

Fuerteventura is divided in six administration municipalities :

  1. Antigua
  2. Betancuria
  3. La Oliva
  4. Pájara
  5. Puerto del Rosario
  6. Tuineje
  • Climate of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura has a enjoyable climat all year around. Temperature goes from 15 to 21°C in winter and from 20 to 30 during summer. The climate of fuerteventura is influenced by a really hot wind coming from the Sahara called : the Sirocco.


  • Official Symbol of fuerteventura :

From 1995 the official symbol pf fuerteventura was The Fuertegoat. The Island counts 40 000 Goat :




  • Official Flag of fuerteventura :



  • Events and Festivals of fuerteventura :

    See what is going on in fuerteventura during the year 2012 :

    January february
    March Abril
    May June
    july August
    September October
    November December

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