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Sexual Information Point of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, under the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Consumer Affairs, Housing and Immigration led by Victor Alonso has launched a prevention campaign in Antigua because of the Carnival festivities are held on the Island during this and next month.

This campaign includes the distribution of 1,500 breathalyzers, 3,000 condoms for prevention and 3,000 awareness brochures, as well as conducting various activities such as exhibitions, a cinema, a gymkhana on sexuality, etc. and a series of workshops that address topics such as the concept of sexuality, the use of condoms and other contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases or teenage pregnancy, among others.

Victor Alonso, director of the council area, detailed how the campaign is aimed at promoting awareness, prevention and awareness regarding sex education before, during and after the carnival in town, coordinating with the municipalities to include these activities in their respective programs.

He said, “the distribution of breathalyzers, which has its impetus in the Department of Substance Abuse Prevention Information, is a preventive tool against the abuse of alcohol that works on the user’s own risk, since it allows to know the level user of alcohol and therefore avoid using the car. ”

The program of activities offered to municipalities include a gymkhana of sexuality, Video-forum, Sonia Sexpresan, short distances, a cinema and an exhibition on Attitudes and Behaviors. As for the workshops will cover the concept of sexuality workshop condom, STDs, teenage pregnancy, safer sex and contraception, myths toward sexuality, attitudes and behaviors and communication skills.

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