A new way of cooking in Fuerteventura

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The Fuerteventura Tourist Board seeks to bring more tourists to the island of Fuerteventura boosting the local cuisine through initiatives like the “Está que se sale” (Cooking Show) kitchen workshop was held the 08/04/2011 on the island with the participation of Chef Paco Roncero.

This is an activity that attempts to value the excellence of the typical products like goat cheese and turn it into a tourist attraction to Fuerteventura as do the beaches or water sports, as explained today in the presentation of this workshop, the Minister of Tourism of Fuerteventura, Agueda Montelongo.

Hoteliers and restaurateurs of the island need an initiative like this to raise awareness of the typical cuisine of Fuerteventura and also to innovate and try to create new hand made prestigious recipes.

For this reason, the minister encouraged to participate in this second edition of “Está que se sale” (Cooking Show) to all professionals in this sector, in addition to the general public the 08/04/2011 at five in the afternoon at the Hotel Elba Carlota local Fuerteventura El Castillo.

The minister recalled that the cooking workshop had a “tremendous success” in the previous edition in which more than 300 people, but has stressed that this year they hope to exceed that number of attendees. EFE bp

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