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  • Events in january

  • Cabalgata de los Reyes fuerteventura
    Cabalgata de los Reyes (Three Holy Kings / Wise Men)

    Date : 5th of January
    Place : Puerto Del Rosario
    Event : Large Parade of 3 holy kings followed by decorated floats

  • Events in February

  • Fuerteventura Wave Classic Windsurf Championships
    Fuerteventura Wave Classic Windsurf Championships

    Date : February March
    Place : Cotillo
    Event : Windsurf competition
    Articles about it : Fuerteventura Wave Classic

  • Events in March

  • carnaval-fuerteventura-2011
    Carnival of fuerteventura

    Date : February March
    Place : Cotillo
    Event : Like in Brazil, all the street of fuerteventura are invaded of fancy dress parades, decorated floats and fancy dress completions.
    Articles : Carnival of fuerteventura

    Semana Santa fuerteventura
    Holy Week

    Date : March
    Place : All fuerteventura
    Event : Religious celebrations and processions accross Fuerteventura

    The annual Blues festival in Corralejo

    Date : End of March
    Place : Corralejo
    Event : Musicien of Blues are meeting in Corralejo the time of a fantastic Festival

  • Events in May

  • paintball-fuerteventura
    Paintball Tournament

    Date : Biginning of May
    Place : Antigua
    Event : Former City Council collaborates with the League of Fuerteventura in the organization Paintball Tournament Paintball in Fuerteventura.
    Articles : Paintball Fuerteventura

    feria artisanal fuerteventura
    The Feria de Artesania

    Date : May
    Place : Center of Antigua
    Event : This day the all island celebrate hand made produce : furniture, musical instruments, local cheese, dried fish, clothing, painting, weaving. This 3 days of party is one of the most appreciate in the island.

    Canary island day

    Date : 30th May
    Place : Every where but the biggest in Puerto Rosario
    Event : Celebration of the first independant government of the Canaries in May 1983
    Articles : Canaries Day

  • Event in June

  • Corpus Christi fuerteventura
    Corpus Christi

    Date : May
    Date : Middle of June
    Place : All Fuertventura
    Event : Religious event where the streets are decorated with flowers

    Fuertemúsica / Fuerteventura Music Festival

    Date : End of June
    Place : El Cotillo
    Event : International groups come to Fuerteventura to produce outdoor concert

  • Event in July

  • music-fuerteventura
    The day of Saint Bueaventura (Dia de San Buenaventura)

    Date : 14th of July
    Place : Betancuria
    Event : Since 1456, the inhabitant of Betancuria celebrate the Saint Buenaventura thanks to concerts through the historic old town.

    Windsurfing World Championship

    Date : End of july and beginning of august
    Place : On Sotavento beach
    Event : windsurfers and kitesurfer are competing to become the world champion

    International Jazz Festival of Canary island
    International Jazz Festival of Canary island

    Date : Middle of July
    Place : On Sotavento beach
    Event : During 3 weeks, fuerteventura visitors will enjoy jazz concerts and gigs across the island

  • Event in August

  • The Kayak Tour Around Fuerteventura
    The Kayak Tour Around Fuerteventura

    Date : End of August
    Place : Around fuerteventura
    Event : This Journey around the island, attract each year international visitors. This event is main to celebrate the beautiful nature of fuerteventura

    The Kiteboarding PKRA Grand Slam Fuerteventura

    Date : Biginning of August
    Place : Playas de Jandia
    Event : In this racing discipline the riders will tackle a course staked-out with buoys at top speed. Exciting position battles and spectacular overtaking manoeuvres characterize this competition.
    Articles : The Kiteboarding PKRA Grand Slam

  • Event in September

  • Our Lady of Pino
    Our Lady of Pino (Nuestra Senora del Pino)

    Date : 8 october
    Place : Antigua
    Event : Annual celebration of the city thanks to a dance music and gastronomy processions through Antigua

    The International Jazz festival

    Date : September
    Place : Corralejo

    The international Open Deep Water Game Fishing Competition
    The international Open Deep Water Game Fishing Competition

    Date : September
    Place : Off shore of Gran Tarajal
    Event : International competition where fishermen try to catch Blue Marlin and Big Tuna

  • Event in October

  • Fiesta de la virgen del Rosario
    Celebration of Rosario’s virgin (Fiesta de la virgen del Rosario)

    Date : 1 sunday of October
    Place : Puerto del Rosario
    Event : Celebration of the city symbol

    Dia de la Hispanidad / National Day Festival

    Date : 12 of October
    Place : All Fuerteventura
    Event : Celebration of Spain history thanks to many different events and parties around Fuerteventura

    The annual swimming race to the Isla de los Lobos
    The annual swimming race to the Isla de los Lobos

    Date : October
    Place : corralejo to Lobos
    Event : Competition of 3.5 kilometres from Corralejo to Lobos island

  • Event in November

  • International Kite Festival
    International Kite Festival

    Date : Mid November
    Place : South of Corralejo
    Event : During 3 days the best kitesurfer from all over Europe meet on the sands of the Playa del Burro beach. Around 250 kitesurfers are participating each year

  • Event in December

  • fuertemotor-motor-fuerteventura
    FuerteMotor championship

    Date : Beginning of December
    Place : Tuineje y Antigua
    Event : Rally race in Fuerteventura
    Articles : Fuertemotor

    new year eve fuerteventura
    New Year’s Eve

    Date : 31th December
    Place : All but most in Puerte del Rosario
    Event : New year celebration with plenty of fireworks

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