The sympathetic predatory of Fuerteventura : The Barbary Squirrels

fuerteventura-barbary-Squirrel in Fuerteventura, of course are far from those animals cute, funny and friendly, quite the contrary, have been brought from the nearby African continent.

So says one of the many versions there is to it, another says he slipped into a small boat and landed on the island with immigrants, also came in containers with goods on board a cargo ship and were even introduced by a pair of “Germans? o English? there by 1965.

Who knows … What is certain is that they have become a plague and if this were not enough predators!

This tiny rodent is eating up the seeds of fruits and flowers which does not allow the continuation of the species.
They sneak in yards, fields, crops and where they please, before they could be found only in open fields, gazebos, finally, in a normal habitat for them, in nature, but now have become very confident, by foreign tourists to this problem, feed them when they find them and so have been slowly inserting closer to urban centers.

Many people do not realize the damage it can cause the introduction of animals, insects and even plants that are not native. Studies say that this is the second reason for the loss of biodiversity worldwide.
The problem is that to bring them to a habitat which are not native, they can often transmit diseases to other species that had not suffered, they can accelerate their pace of play and become a pest, the same applies if they have no predators.

To help prevent this, we may consider the following.

• Do not bring exotic species from other countries or regions, and also suffer harm biodiversity by adapting them from their original media.
• If you have an exotic animal as a pet reuerde must have the proper authorization of the species dependierndo
• Be responsible and not leave her.

Speaking of not bringing foreign species, aim it interesting fact:

November 20 each year, takes place the celebration of Arbor Day. This day usually the council or environmental departments of local councils of the municipalities of the island of Fuerteventura, conduct meetings and events in which native plants are given to all those who visit and participate, is a good opportunity to take species that do not cause any impact on the environment and on the other side to be originating are fully adapted to the climate and ecosystem of the island

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