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Fuerteventura has changed Russian Red

Russian Red - Fuerteventura

Following the same partition or an architecture In Helsinki I’m From Barcelona, ​​Russian Red is neither Russian nor communist. Even if she is spanish, Lourdes Hernandez sings in English. At 25, she released her second album already, “Fuerteventura”, directed along a line of conduct confusing: simplicity. “In life, I think everything should be so simple and natural. As a child she has been influenced by Anglo-Saxon music. Step by step her ear gradually accustomed to [...]

Russian Red publishes the first single from her new album called Fuerteventura


Russian Red, the singer nicknamed Lourdes Hernández Madrid, releases I Hate You But I Love You , single in advance of a second album called Fuerteventura due out in May. This song will be sold as traditional CDs, and probably also as vinyl, from March 22 but already available in digital format. Her official website only allows preview of that composition itself scented ballad of the 50 United States, which has generated complaints from some [...]

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