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the new casino Fuerteventura will be build by Orenes Group


After winning the contest organized by the Canarian government for granting a license it is the Orenes Group who will built and manage Fuerteventura new casino. The facility, which will be called Antigua Fuerteventura Gran Casino, you have an area of ??900 square feet on two floors, eight gaming tables, 30 slot machines and complementary services such as lounge, bar and restaurant. The new complex will be located in the municipality of Antigua, in the [...]

Choreography for Fuerteventura Carnival 2011


Choreography of the Canary initiative FlashMob RUDY And Ruth “ESTOESCOLONIA” Perfect coreagraphy for the carnival don’t you think

Fuerteventura will receive 6,7 million euros to improve the quality of infrastructure and tourist facilities

fuerteventura road

The Spanish State and the autonomous government of the Canary Islands have signed on Saturday in Las Palmas, two agreements on cooperation in the field of tourism, on the occasion of the visit to the archipelago by the Spanish Minister of Industry, Tourism and Foreign Trade, Miguel Sebastian. The first contract, worth 6 million euros per year funded by central and local governments, aims to strengthen the promotion of the Canary Islands destination abroad, said [...]

Ikea In Fuerteventura


The retail chain of furniture and home accessories IKEA has asked the Old City of license to open an area of 1,000 square meters. The company has also requested permission to locate a municipal parking area on a plot adjacent to an area of 2,600 square meters in the industrial zone Costa de Antigua, a few kilometers from the island capital. IKEA customers currently takes Fuerteventura from its store located in Lanzarote. To facilitate the [...]

The Saladar : The salt lake of Jandia


While it almost sounds like a paradox to call Fuerteventura Wetlands. After the unusual rainfall in the winter, Fuerteventura may look even more humid habitats, enliven the flora and fauna. Hundreds of birds live permanently or in transit in those areas. “With the rain, the ponds are filled exceptionally well. The many species of birds that live here can look forward to a particularly good food supply. This will increase the willingness hatching this year, [...]

The custom stand up paddle One-Che boards “made in Fuerteventura”


Michel Rozenwajn and shaper Sun 7 (and 7th Wave) Pierre Bracar launch a new brand of stand up paddle, the custom one-Che. These unique panels currently exist in three sizes and are from a local development is to Fuerteventura on the spots of the North Shore and that integrate into the manufacture of new recyclable materials. Rozenwajn Michel, 49, arrived in Fuerteventura there are more than 20 years after seeing a video of Jürgen Hönscheid, [...]

Carnival: Jetair increase by 25% his bookings compare to 2010


The tour operator Jetair recorded this year 25% more bookings for holidays by air during the holiday carnival for the same period in 2010, he says in a statement Thursday, adding that the destination was the flagship archipelago of the Canary Islands. Compared to vacation carnival 2010, 21 additional aircraft were chartered by the tour operator. The flight capabilities for the Canary Islands have increased by three quarters, it added. The number of Belgians present [...]

Windsurf PWA Fuerteventura 2010 Best Of

Windsurf PWA Fuerteventura

Windsurf PWA Fuerteventura 2010 Best Of Freestyle

Kitesurf Pro Tour PKRA 2010 – Fuerteventura


Beautiful dual between Hadlow / Langeree in the finale Kitesurf Pro Tour PKRA – Fuerteventura Vidéo Wapala sélectionnée dans Sport PKRA Freestyle Grand Slam + Kite-Loop Competition: Spectacular, very fast manoeuvres and extreme jumps characterize the freestyle discipline amongst the windsurfers. In this freestyle program for windsurfers, the sailors compete against each other man against man in a knockout system. PKRA COURSE RACING GRAND SLAM: In this racing discipline the riders will tackle a course [...]

Biosphere of Fuerteventura hosted in Madrid already received 3 361 people !


The exhibition has received 3,361 Biosphere Fuerteventura visitors in its first ten days of opening to the public in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Madrid. Coinciding with the presence of the exhibition and the project The Path of Cetaceans, the Royal Botanical Gardens is also home tomorrow, Wednesday, a day of conferences dedicated to the 40 years the Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme, which gave rise the World Network of Biosfera.La Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and [...]

Fuerteventura tourism increased by 33% in January 2011


Fuerteventura has led the recovery of tourism activity in archipelago by receiving last January 32,257 foreign tourists 33.22% more than last year. The Minister of Tourism Agueda Montelongo clarified that the increase is not the result of the crisis in Egypt or Tunisia, as in January were not yet producing the diversion of aircraft to Fuerteventura. In this regard he added that in the coming months, the island will have an increase in tourists, “especially [...]

Add your Surf Spots in Fuerteventura


Check the best spots to surf in Fuerteventura ! let me know about your favorite place as well and i will add it to the Surfing Map of Fuerteventura ! Surf Map of Fuerteventura : Surf Spot of fuerteventura : Corralejo Surf and Windsurf Best time : All time Bottom : Reef Where to go surfing with : Big swell /+7ft Flagbeach Surf + Windsurf + Kitesurf Best time : All time Bottom : Reef [...]

Windsurf : Fuerteventura Wave Classic 2011 Day 2


After day dedicated to the SUP on the eve Majanicho spot, everyone is committed in last Wednesday from windsurfing to water for the first official day of competition on this Fuerteventura Wave Classic. This is unfortunately not counting on a wind sector facing south / southwest of the caravan which requires riders to travel twice to Majanicho in Mejillones finally stop at La Caleta. Too true, the conditions allow just some of the water from [...]

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