clean ocean project



The clean Ocean Project is a group of people who share one passion : The Ocean.

The clean ocean project is a group of people that love to go surfing and enjoy every moment out in the nature. They think that we are responsible to protect and preserve this unique playground. The clean ocean project is based in Fuerteventura Spain and since 2002 it organizes beach cleanings and removed thons of all sorts of litter.

For us acting is more surprising and salutary than talking about what’s going wrong or what has to be done. And that the pollution, exploitation and destruction of the Ocean is the fault of someone else. The Clean Ocean Project is driven by the idea that everyone is part of the solution.

The clean Ocean Project has shops in Corralejo to financing and publicising their anti-litter and pollution projects. The clean Ocean Project clothing line features casual, ecologically friendly garments that push the organisation message. They have branches in the harbour at Corralejo and EL Cotillo.

Visit the Clean Ocean Project website

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