Carnival Fuerteventura 2011

Carnivals were temporarily abolished in mainland Spain under General Franco’s rule for over four decades. However in Fuerteventura, they continued unabashed to this very day due to the people’s indomitable spirit and love of a great party.

From March 5th to 13th in Puerto del Rosario and from March 16th to 27th in Corralejo parades featuring extravagantly decorated floats adorned with lavishly costumed locals wind their way through the towns’ ancient streets.

Local fiestas/Carnivals spring up en-route wherever residents and tourists congregate to watch the colourful spectacle with each village in the area decorating their own float in their own inimitable style.

Each municipality has its own Carnival in different towns and villages, with various traditions and activities. The most important festivals in La Oliva are held in February in honor of the Virgen de la Candelaria. Also noteworthy in this county Fiestas del Carmen, Corralejo, with its corresponding procession and festival in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows and St. Michael the Archangel held at The stew in late September and early October, and others.

The priority of Fuerteventura Carnival is on having fun, so with masks, capes, face-paint, fishnets and fedoras, a wild, random procession of conquistadors and showgirls, pirates, pharaohs and clowns, rolls loudly through each town to the accompaniment of music and cheering.”

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